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Repair Service
Sprinkler | Existing Landscape

Depending on the size of the property, the frequency of usage, and the overall age or "wear & tear" that your property's sprinkler system and other hardscapes have experienced, it might be time to explore what sprinkler service and landscape options are available locally in order to ensure your sprinkler system is optimized year-round. Often, our in-house sprinkler specialists are initially tasked with diagnosing or troubleshooting common issues in order to deduce if one of our expert sprinkler repair services will suffice or if the sprinkler system ultimately needs replacing. Either way, we strongly encourage all local property owners here in Utah to consider utilizing our noteworthy experience to their advantage!

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Install Service
Sprinkler | Hardscapes | Softscapes

Whether you're endeavoring to upgrade a current sprinkler system, lighting array, or retaining wall into something more economical, efficient, or aesthetically pleasing, it's always in a property owner's best interest to explore what choices might be available through a local landscaping company that specializes in lighting, sprinkler systems, topsoil & grading, sod, curbing and additional hardscaping features. In light of that, our company, Sprinkler Service Pro, LLC, boasts decades of not only experience but efficacy as well in landscaping, lighting, sprinkler systems, hardscaping, and even the softscaped portions of your property's layout!

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Landscaping Services

Hardscaping & Softscaping

Much to the delight and benefit of our clients and to the chagrin of our would-be competition in the local landscaping industry, we are staunch in our stance that a multi-faceted and diverse approach towards plying our landscaping-based trade is often as much needed as it is most effective. Furthermore, by offering a level of versatility and adaptability that is seldom matched by other local landscaping companies that offer hardscaping, softscaping, and sprinkler system-related services, we are able to ensure each of our clients receive the level of attention that their landscaping project truly needs.


To better appreciate having an experienced landscaping contractor with an undeniable aptitude in the hardscaping aspects of a property's landscaped layout, it's important to understand just exactly what "hardscaping" is. Firstly, the hardscaped portions of the average property's landscaping design is aptly named because it features the hard portions of a layout: bricks, pavers, walkways, fountains, water/fire features, patios, lighting, gazebos/pergolas, retaining walls, property barriers, to name but a few.


On the other side of the "landscaping coin" is the softscaped or softscaping aspects of your property's featured landscape design. This typically includes the organic elements of your property's landscaping layout such as your lawn, garden, seeding/sod, flower beds, trees, shrubbery, edibles, succulents, perennials, annuals, bushes, foliage, and general flora. Not every landscaping layout or landscaping design will showcase the same spread or floral options which is why it's always prudent to enlist an experienced landscaping contractor with applicable knowledge of the softscaping portions of local landscaped properties.

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